Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meeting up with a CAST friend

Kristine, me and Kaden

This is the awesome gift she brought.
It isn't everyday you get to meet one of your Etsy team members. Last Friday I had the privilege of meeting Kristine from gulickkr.

She posted on our CAST Team chat thread she was going to Wisconsin to visit her sister. She said on her way home to Michigan she could stop in Valparaiso, IN. I was so excited since I live only 40 minutes from there!

So we made our plans to meet and I suggested Steak N Shake of course since it's my son's and my favorite restaurant.

On our way there, Kristine called and said she missed her exit and the poor girl ended up in Chicago traffic. I love Chicago, but its traffic is the worst. No worries, there was a Walmart next door and where there's a Walmart there is always something to buy.

It didn't take her long to get to Steak N Shake. She walked in a few minutes after we sat down. I didn't even have time to order drinks -- perfect timing. We had an awesome visit and talked for about 2 hours. It sure didn't seem like it. She even brought me a gift. I felt terrible because I had every intention of making her something but just didn't have enough time. (That's OK, I know her address.) Kaden was perfect as usual but started to get a little antsy and we knew it was time to go.

Kristine said we would have to do lunch again on her way through to visit her sister and I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Photo Accessory Collection

5-Photo Ruffle Bag in black and white
After I introduced my photo ruffle bags last year, they became a big hit at Christmastime. I can't wait for the orders to come in. Not only for the revenue of course, but because I have made a lot of friends along the way. Working with people on their orders is the best part. I love seeing all of the happy family photos and baby pictures. I love how excited they get and can't wait to give them as gifts.

This year, thanks to creative custom requests, I have added a photo necktie and photo billfold wallet to the collection. These are also available in color and touched with color. Other bags in the collection include the 10-Photo Ruffle Bag in black and white, the Patchwork Photo Bag, and the 5-Photo Ruffle Bag in color

These are all handmade and I carefully print all images onto the photo fabric that I make myself. The photo fabric is chemically treated and the images will not bleed so each item is hand washable.