Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Customer

I received a message from a customer a few weeks ago about a custom order. She ordered a custom bag last year for her daughter who was going into second grade. Maggie picked out the fabric and it was mailed to me to do my thing. She sent me a picture of her with her new bag on her first day of school.

This year she is ordering two custom backpacks for Maggie and her sister. This is what she had to say:
"I've got to tell you your bag was THE hit of the second grade classroom! Maggie loved it and her friends (and teacher) did too! Last week was the last day of school and that bag came home looking just as good as the day we got it - incredible! And, it took some heavy duty abuse too - heavy books, twigs, rocks and other treasures too. Thank you!"

Maggie's and her sister's new backpacks.


  1. Kelly,
    Those are great! It feels great to have repeat customers!!!

  2. That is awesome! I love to hear back from customers. It is so encouraging - especially when they want to order something new.
    - RomanticThoughts.etsy.com / MyRomanticThoughts.blogspot.com / Sharon (CAST team member)

  3. Well you do a great job, that is wonderful to be able to make them more back packs, and repeat customers are so great!

  4. I somehow didn't see this post before so I am promoting it this week! love your bags!!