Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's on your fridge?

I was getting my breakfast this morning and thought "Man, I need to clean off this refrigerator."

Then I realized it has all this great stuff. It has become a collage of accomplishments.

There is a very detailed fish bowl that Elizabeth made a few years ago at Boys and Girls Club out of perler beads. Hanging next to the fish bowl is a flower for Mother's Day from Kaden that he made in class at church with his picture in the middle.

Caitrin made a card for my birthday in February with the help of her very artistic sister Mikaela. Some of the letters are backwards -- so cute!

There is a Lifeskills Certificate that Brendon earned last school year for "Having a great SENSE OF HUMOR!". Under that is his basketball schedule and a certificate for completing a Junior Achievement program. Mikaela's National Junior Honor Society certificate is hanging at the bottom along with Brendon's "Caught Being Good" certificate and a heart he made for me out of perler beads.

Elizabeth hung her French quiz with 20/20 in red at the top, which shows you're never too old (she's going to college in a few weeks).

Then there's the school calendar, lunch menu, Auston's and Mikaela's orthodontist appointment reminders and more of Caitrin's artwork.

There is so much to be proud of and I couldn't possibly clean it off.

So what's on your fridge?

(Written Dec. 3, 2010)


  1. Only the side of mine is magnetized so pictures held on with magnets. Scripture on magnets.
    The front will get a good report card or a great score on a test.
    We have a huge bulletin board on the smaller wall by the door with Cole and Noah's art work.
    I saw a decorating show that had a great idea called "shrink" art. Take pictures of everything you want - papers, artwork. Put the pictures in a collage form inside a big frame. The pictures were about 5X7. Then put you valued treasures in a saver box while you can still admire them in the frame hanging on the wall. There are many different ways to do it also.


  2. Well, I don't have much there as my kids are grown. Mostly just magnets holding nothing.
    There is one magnetized photo frame with a picture taken in New Hampshire of my cat when he was a kitten. We found him one summer in the woods while we were on vacation.

  3. I have the same thing as Angels, my kids are grown, but I do have some things, on the front, like a magnetized erasable monthly calender, i have some magnets of a few of the places my husband and I have gone, a dear picture of my dog Brandon that passed away, some notes of some sort.

    Cute and fun post!